Celebrating 5 Years!

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Jenny Murphy is a working artist who performs regularly. She has offered her vocal skills in studios and on stages from classical choral works at Lincoln Center to folk music on subway platforms and bus lines. She appears on the Grammy winning Pete Seeger at 89 and has appeared with Peter Yarrow, Noel Paul Stookey, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Keb Mo, Tom Chapin and as a song leader with the Walkabout Clearwater Chorus.

 Jenny has been working with children for over 20 years. As founding music director of McKinley Kapers in Westfield, NJ, she wrote for and directed elementary aged children in a collaborative performance with parents and teachers from the community. As founding director of the Take Me to the River Children’s Community Chorus she prepared young members for a performance with folk legend Pete Seeger. Jenny has taught and directed music at churches, preschools, camps and other programs. Her work with early learners has been most rewarding. Jenny’s youngest learners adapt effortlessly to variety in rhythm and melody structure. Jenny believes that when young children explore a range of cultural traditions in music, they are not only better prepared as musicians, but as citizens of the world to foster understanding and friendship.

Music served her this way throughout her life and was her most important guide when she became caregiver to her mother-in-law, Kay, diagnosed with dementia around the time her youngest child was born. Music was the unifying language that spanned the generations and kept the family close. Even after her words were gone, Kay was still humming in harmony to hymns and songs of her time. When Kay became a resident of Andrus, the family had new friends and many adopted Grandparents to visit with.

These relationships enriched her family life and role as a mother. The opportunity to enrich the lives of others by creating a quality music class for little ones that would bring young families and elders together in a joyful way is the mission of Babies & Grands Music.  Jenny has arranged a partnership with Andrus on Hudson, where the breathtaking grounds and welcoming space create the perfect environment for young and old to make music.


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